SAFE: technical information

SPIN® SAFE – the orienation system for blind people for rooms with public characteristic. SPIN® SAFE consist of ground indicators for information, orientation, guidance and warning for blind and visually impaired people. Thanks to its high tactile, visual and acoustical contrast SPIN® SAFE is seperated from the neighboring floors explicit. The rib structured tiles as well as the nob structured tiles both correspond to the DIN 32984 norm. The flexible scope of design from the SPIN® SAFE stainless steel tiles allow the architecture space for numerous product combinations. SPIN® SAFE enables the installation at all new building projects independent from the neighboring floors but is also useable for the supplementary installation in the sectors of vinyl, linoleum, carpets and many more. The SPIN® orientation system for blind people with the least thickness of 2,5 mm can be used for the supplementary installation on already existing hard surfaces as for example natural stone, tiles and coatings.

technical information:

  • anti slip resistance R9
  • fire classification B1
  • DIN 32984
598 x 298 mm
598 x 122 mm
298 x 298 mm
598 x 122 mm
  • thickness 2,5 up to 20,0 mm
  • material surfaces stainless steel AISI 304
  • backing: fine stone, silicate, vinyl or polyester (as per requirement)