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Hoba Steel complements these two elements in the
SPIN Tiles range with their functionality. Since 1987 Hoba
Steel manufactures SPIN tiles with modular size systems
and individual shapes for the professional use.

We are able to collaborate with our clients and develop
innovative ways to translate their needs. SPIN tiles with
the highest quality and design attributes, for your cutting-
edge and innovative ideas.

The intelligent technology used on the material, the possibility
of numerous and individual shapes and not least
the functionality are some of the reasons why SPIN is
a part of building constructions in both the urban areas
and in the residential section.

Hoba Steel Stainless tiles

Quality made in Germany

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Palace of Versailles – Pavillon Dufour

SPIN® FERRIT VERSAILLES-PARQUET, size 1.059 x 1.059 mm


Opening of the UNIQLO Flagship Store in Berlin.

(including SPIN® PLAN, tile sizes 120 x 120 cm and 240 x 120 cm and step coverings from HOBA STEEL GmbH)


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We have moved / +49 (0)2301-96 9999 90

From 13.03.2017 our new address and phone numbers are : August-Borsig-Straße 20, 59439 Holzwickede. Tel: +49(0)2301-96 9999 90, Fax: +49(0)2301–96 9999 91


SPIN SAFE – the orienation system for blind and visually impaired people

SPIN® SAFE – the orienation system for blind people for rooms with public characteristic. SPIN® SAFE consist of ground indicators for information, orientation, guidance and warning for blind and visually impaired people.